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Grand Canyon National Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at the Grand Canyon: The Ultimate Guide for Equestrian Enthusiasts


Horseback riding through the majestic landscapes of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona offers a unique, unforgettable experience. However, it is important to identify the park's specific trails where horses are allowed. The following list provides comprehensive insights into each horse-friendly trail in the park. 


1. **The North Kaibab Trail:** This trail permits the use of pack animals, including horses, throughout the year1. Offering spectacular views, the North Kaibab Trail spans 14 miles from the North Rim to the Colorado River, descending more than 5,700 feet.


2. **South Kaibab Trail:** Another trail inviting equestrians at the Grand Canyon is the South Kaibab Trail2, a 6.8-mile journey that descends 4,780 feet and offers excellent panoramic vistas.


3. **Bright Angel Trail:** The Bright Angel Trail extends 9.5 miles from the South Rim to the Colorado River3. This is one of the park's most popular trails for horse-riding due to its well-maintained trail surface and fantastic views.


4. **Bridle Path:** Found alongside the South Rim in the Village, the Bridle Path offers an easy 3.2-mile round trip for horses, mules, and pedestrians4. Mostly flat, it is excellent for those seeking a calmer horse-riding experience.


5. **Arizona Trail:** Stretching from the South Rim Visitor Center to the End of the Road, the Arizona Trail is over 800 miles long. It is open to horses, making it another excellent option for horseback riders5.


6. **Hermit Trail:** The Hermit Trail is a challenging and seldom-used trail that sees many horse and mule pack trips. It starts near Hermits Rest and goes on for 7.8 miles6.


Before hitting these trails, it's crucial that equestrians familiarise themselves with the proper equestrian etiquette while riding in the park, such as cleaning up after their horses and yielding right-of-way for hikers.



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