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Grand Mesa National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-friendly Trails at Grand Mesa National Forest, Colorado 


Greetings, equestrians! Today, we will be galloping across some of the most breathtaking trails in Grand Mesa National Forest in Colorado. We've curated a list of trails where you and your equine companion can explore the picturesque splendor of Grand Mesa. 


Remember, each trail presents its beauty, unique features, and challenges. Be prepared for a grand adventure across stunning wilderness. 


1. **Crag Crest Trail**: One of the most remarkable trails in Grand Mesa, Crag Crest Trail allows horseback riding. Experience the unmatched 360-degree views of the Grand Valley and Western Slope at the crest's summit. Don't forget to pack a lunch to enjoy at the top!


2. **Leon Peak Trail**: This trail is recommended for riders with experienced horses as it can be a bit rocky and steep. The 3.8-mile trail is worth it for the panoramic view of the surrounding mesa from Leon Peak. Horse access is permitted with proper precautions.


3. **Flowing Park Reservoir Loop**: A smooth 15.5-mile trail primarily used for horseback riding. The trail undulates through open meadows, conifer forests, and presents stunning reservoir views. 


4. **West Bench Trail**: Stretching 9.3 miles, this trail offers diversity encompassing aspen groves, spruce-fir forests, meadows, and a creek crossing. Allowed for horse use, West Bench Trail brings a real feel of Colorado’s rich ecosystem.


5. **Mesa Top Trail**: A 3.1-mile trail that starts from Mesa Top campground. Horses are welcome on this trail leading you through beautiful aspens and wildflowers in the summer. 


6. **Grand Mesa Lodge to Carson Lake Trail**: A 2.3-mile trail good for all skill levels. The trail is mostly used for riding horses and hiking. 


Remember that while the trails are open for horses, always practice Leave No Trace principles to keep the trails in their best possible condition for everyone to enjoy. 


Now saddle up, embrace the scenic beauty of Grand Mesa from the best seat in the house - the back of a horse. Until our next equestrian adventure, happy trails!



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