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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Best Horse-friendly Trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Great Smoky Mountains National Park, nestled in the heart of Tennessee, offers some unique experiences for horse lovers. Here is a list of the specific horse-friendly trails, as verified from official sources, that you can explore on your next equestrian adventure.


1. Anthony Creek Horse Trail: This trail, which stretches over 3.5 miles, winds through beautiful forested areas, and connects to the Appalachian Trail servicing the Russell Field Shelter. Make sure you plan your trip in the day, as horse camping is not permitted.


2. Sugarland Mountain Trail: This is a challenging trail that stretches over 12 miles. Horse riders are invited to take on this challenging journey, showcasing rich, stunning landscapes. The trail is located in the vicinity of the Sugarlands Visitor Center.


3. Cataloochee Divide: The Cataloochee Divide is a 7.3-mile trail that offers inclines and varying terrain that will challenge any equestrian. It also provides breathtaking views and rich wildlife spotting opportunities.


4. Big Creek Trail: This 1.9-mile trail is perfect for a shorter journey. It offers scenic views and traverses along the Big Creek campgrounds, adding convenience for horse riders planning an extended visit.


5. Round Bottom Horse Loop: This picturesque loop is 6.1 miles long and well-suited for horse riding. This path encircles the Smokemont Campground which can also accommodate horses, making it a convenient choice for overnight trips.


6. Cooper Road Trail: An approximately 11-mile long trail that starts at the Abrams Creek Ranger Station, this horse-friendly trail is surrounded by diverse vegetation, making it a nature lover's paradise.


Please remember to check the National Park Service website before your visit for updates about trail conditions and restrictions.


Enjoy the magnificent views of the Great Smoky Mountains on a horseback, but always make sure that you follow the park’s preservation rules and guidelines, respecting the park's flora and fauna.



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