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Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Oregon


If you're an equestrian enthusiast looking for the next big adventure, look no further than Hells Canyon National Recreation Area in Oregon. The park is home to various horseback riding trails that allow you to revel in the picturesque beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Let's take a closer look at these beautiful trails that are open to our four-legged friends.


1. Summit Ridge-Windy Saddle Trail (#1774):

Forge through 10.9 miles of diverse, high country terrain offering stunning panoramic views. Horses are allowed, but riders are recommended to ensure the safety of their horses due to the trail's roughness in some sections. 


2. Hat Point Trail (#1804):

A challenging 4.6-mile trail leading to an observation deck at Hat Point Lookout. The trail has steep ascents and descents that your horse should be prepared for. 


3. Black Lake Trail (#1804A):

Connecting from Hat Point Trail, this 1.3-mile trail takes you to Black Lake. Riders can simultaneously adventure and have a peaceful retreat by the lake. 


4. Saddle Creek Trail (#1801):

Prepare for a steep ride on this 3.5-mile trail. Saddle Creek Trail offers a thrilling journey with dramatic cliffs and ridges. 


5. Freezeout Saddle - Windy Saddle Trail (#1806):

This 4.5-mile trail boasts extraordinary mountain vistas. It's perfect for experienced riders and their horses seeking challenging terrains.


6. Hells Canyon Wilderness Loop:

This loop includes multiple livestock-friendly trails such as Freezeout-Windy Saddle Trail (#1806), Summit Ridge-Windy Saddle Trail (#1774), and McGaffee Shortcut Trail (#1895). Reach out to the recreation area for specific details.


Remember, leave no trace behind and be mindful of other trail users. Always verify trail statuses and conditions before setting out on your ride. Happy trails!




1. Summit Ridge-Windy Saddle Trail -

2. Hat Point Trail -

3. Black Lake Trail -

4. Saddle Creek Trail -

5. Freezeout Saddle - Windy Saddle Trail -

6. Hells Canyon Wilderness Loop -


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