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Heyburn State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Best Horseback Riding Trails in Heyburn State Park, Idaho




Heyburn State Park in Idaho is a haven for equestrians offering some of the best horse-friendly trails. Uncover the charm of Idaho's woodland paradise with these six horse-permitted trails that promise unforgettable riding experiences.


1. The Plummer Creek Loop:


An 8-mile returning loop trail with a low level of difficulty, the Plummer Creek Loop offers stunning views of rolling hills and designated grazing areas for your horse. It's an equestrian dream! (Source 1)


2. Chatcolet Trail: 


Riding north from Rocky Point, the fascinating Chatcolet Trail offers 3.2 miles of diverse landscapes. Horse-riders will love the uncrowded, meditative ride through Idaho's beautiful backcountry. (Source 1)


3. The Indian Cliffs Trail Head: 


The 2.3-mile Indian Cliffs Trail is perfect for a short, enjoyable horseback ride while witnessing the park's wonderful wildflowers and breathtaking cliffside views. (Source 2)


4. The Lakeshore Loop:


The Lakeshore loop extends from Hawley's Landing and is a 2.4-mile trail nestled on the western part of Benewah Lake, offering horse riders the unique experience of a lakeside trail ride. (Source 2)


5. The Cottonwood Loop:


Preferred by novice equestrians, the 1.6-mile Cottonwood Loop constitutes mostly flat terrains and visits to the old Cottonwood tree groves. (Source 2)


6. The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes: 


This non-motorized, paved path stretches over 72 miles, crossing Heyburn State Park with designated on-trail horse areas. Ideal for long-distance horseback riding, this Trail promises a pastiche of Idaho's beautiful landscapes. (Source 1)


Heyburn State Park truly satisfies the spirit of horseback riding. So saddle up and navigate these fantastic trails for a realm of unforgettable equestrian adventures!




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Please note that trail conditions may vary seasonally, and it's advisable to check the local regulations before setting out on a horseback ride.


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