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Inyo National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Trail Riding in Inyo National Forest: The Ultimate Equestrian's Guide




Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and stunning landscapes of the Inyo National Forest in California. As famous for its majestic mountains as it is for its diverse flora and fauna, this preserved wilderness also caters to horse enthusiasts. So saddle up and get ready to explore the stunning topography on these horse-friendly trails.


1. **John Muir Wilderness Trail**


As one of the most widely recognized trails, the John Muir Wilderness Trail spoils equine adventurers to breathtaking vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. For horse riders, the journey starts at the Bishop Pass trailhead, featuring an extensive network of horse-friendly routes. 


2. **Mammoth Lakes Basin**


Semi-groomed trails winding through dense forests and around clear alpine lakes make the Mammoth Lakes Basin a perfect choice for riders and their horse companions. Some trails connect with John Muir Wilderness making this an ideal starting point for multiple trail options.


3. **Shadow Creek Trail**


Shadow Creek Trail promises beauty and adventure, beginning by Shadow Lake extending towards the John Muir Trail. Horse riders can experience the picturesque trail, dotted with alpine meadows and tranquil lakes under a strict Leave No Trace policy.


4. **Convict Lake Loop**


A relatively flat 2.5-mile trail, the Convict Lake Loop is an ideal choice for less experienced riders or those seeking a relaxed ride amidst natural beauty. Horses are welcome on this trail that offers splendid views of Convict Lake and the surrounding mountains.


5. **Minaret Summit**


Offering unparalleled views of the Minarets and the Ritter Range, the Minaret Summit is one of the best highlights of the Mammoth Lakes trail network. Access is predetermined by current weather and road conditions, making it a breathtaking challenge for equestrians.


6. **Bluffs Loop Trail**


The Bluffs Loop Trail offers a relatively low difficulty level perfect for families. Stretching for nearly 5 miles, this trail welcomes horses and offers panoramic views of the Owens Valley and White Mountains.




Embrace the raw, untouched beauty of California’s Inyo National Forest with your equine companion by your side. These horse-friendly trails promise an adventure like no other, opening the gates to a world of natural beauty, diversity, and tranquility.




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Please note: Always check the most current trail conditions and regulations before heading out. Make sure you follow the trail etiquette for horse riding and abide by the Leave No Trace principles.


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