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Jackson State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails at Jackson State Forest, California


Riders, saddle up your horses for an enriching experience at Jackson State Forest, California. The park's expansive landscape offers an eclectic mix of trails curated for horseback riding. Here's some of the most majestic trails where horses are welcomed, accompanied by the parasol of sky-scraping redwoods and scenic beauty like no other.


1. **Fetzer Trail**: Known for its diverse terrain, this 1.2 mile-long trail (2.4 miles round trip) gives both horse and rider a moderate workout. The trail whisks you through eye-catching redwood groves and massive ferns.


2. **Machado Post Trail**: With the potential for some wonderful wildlife sightings, the Machado Post Trail stretches about 2.6 miles. This peaceful trail loop promises to take you and your horse through mature forests providing cool shade and natural scenery.


3. **Chamberlain Creek Waterfall Trail**: Offering horse riders a touch of enchantment, this trail gives you a glimpse of a cascading waterfall. The 4.3 mile-loop is one of the most loved in Jackson State Forest amongst equestrians. 


4. **Jughandle State Reserve**: Jughandle State Reserve features a 2.5-mile trail that takes you through a picturesque pygmy forest. Gentle grades and a variety of terrains make it a favorite among horse riders looking for a peaceful, scenic ride.


Please note, general rules for horse riding within Jackson State Forest include keeping horses on designated trails only, avoiding wet trails to prevent damage, and refraining from tying horses to trees to prevent bark injury. 


Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, these trails in Jackson State Forest present an unrivaled opportunity to connect with nature from horseback. So grab your riding boots, saddle up and enjoy a day out on these trails that are truly a horse lover's paradise.



1. Jackson State Forest Horse Riding:

2. Fetzer Trail:

3. Machado Post Trail:

4. Chamberlain Creek Waterfall Trail:

5. Jughandle State Reserve:



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