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Jarbidge National Forest Campground Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horsefriendly Trail Hikes at Jarbidge National Forest Campground, Nevada


When it comes to Nevada, horse riding enthusiasts have nothing to regret. Nestled in the northeastern part of Nevada, Jarbidge National Forest Campground is an idyllic, horse-friendly recreation area. This article celebrates the trails in this region that welcome both, your footprints and hoofprints. Let's embark on this equine adventure. 


1. Jarbidge River Trail: 


Spanning 28 miles along the beautiful Jarbidge River, the Jarbidge River Trail suits riders of all experience levels. The trail meanders through magnificent forests delivering sub-alpine landscapes and, occasionally, an adrenaline-pumping river crossing. Horse-friendly camping spots are plentiful along the trail, so feel free to saddle up for a multi-day adventure.


2. Slide Creek Trail:


Slide Creek Trail extends a somewhat challenging, but rewarding 12 miles. It weaves through dense woodlands and alongside the creek itself. The trail's elevation changes call for experienced riders and horses in sound physical condition. The panoramic views make the challenge worth every effort. 


3. Mary's River Trail:


Winding along the Mary’s River, this serene trail stretches out to approximately 18 miles. It offers riders soothing river views, glimpses of wildlife, and an opportunity to experience untouched wilderness. Being horse-friendly, it's an excellent choice for leisurely strolls as well as energetic trots.


4. Cougar Creek Trail:


Adding some spice to your equestrian ride, the Cougar Creek Trail unveils views of vast valleys, steep ridges, and open meadows. It stretches over 14 miles offering ample opportunities for horse riders to take in the area's rich biodiversity.


5. Emerald Lake Trail:


Emerald Lake Trail, an 8-mile round trip trail, invites riders to explore the beauty of the high alpine lake. It is a moderately difficult trail, best suited for fit horses and riders due to steep inclines and rocky terrains. What you will remember, however, is the strikingly bright emerald green of the lake.


6. God's Pocket Peak Trail:


A horseback ride on the God's Pocket Peak Trail is an experience never to be forgotten. Spanning just over 17 miles, the trail offers stunning views of the rugged mountains and vast, open valleys. It's the perfect spot for riders keen on capturing breathtaking photographs.


Now that you know about these incredible horse-friendly trails waiting to be explored in Jarbidge National Forest Campground, it is time to saddle up and set out to experience the scenic beauty of Nevada like never before.



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