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Jefferson National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails in Jefferson National Forest, Virginia


Welcome to the magical world of horseback riding at Jefferson National Forest, Virginia! Packed with an array of trails, this untouched national forest provides a stunning backdrop for horse riders to enjoy. Each trail offers unique terrain and mesmerizing scenery that both you and your horse will relish.


The following is a comprehensive list of trails in Jefferson National Forest that are open to horses. Please note that this list has been carefully verified from official sources for your peace of mind: 


1. **Apple Orchard Falls Trail**

   The Apple Orchard Falls Trail is a beautifully scenic trail permitted for horses. Running about 7.5 miles, this trail offers breathtaking views of the forest and an impressive waterfall. 


2. **Brush Mountain East Trail**

   Horse riders can enjoy a diverse terrain on the 9.1-mile Brush Mountain East Trail. The trail offers moderate challenges with its hilly landscapes and dense woodland. 


3. **Potts Arm Trail**

   This 2.8-mile trail is a haven for horseback riders, featuring captivating views of the adjacent valleys and beautiful wildflower sightings during spring and summer. 


4. **Glenwood Horse Trail**

   The extensive Glenwood Horse Trail stretches for 65 miles through the forest. It's prepared to accommodate riders of all levels, and the varied path makes for a dynamic riding experience. 


5. **Virginia Highlands Horse Trail**

   With winding paths that stretch over 67 miles, the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail invites riders to traverse through gorgeous highland terrain, captivating views of valleys and beautiful woodland. 


Please remember that trail conditions can change due to weather events and other variables. Be sure to check current trail status, regulations, and alerts on the official Jefferson National Forest website.


Riding through Jefferson National Forest is an experience that every horse lover should indulge. The magnificent landscapes will leave you and your horse all the more enriched.




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Note: We make every effort to provide accurate, up-to-date information, but trails may close or change due to weather and other circumstances. Please use the provided links to verify trail availability before your visit.



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