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Joshua Tree National Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Discover the Horse-Friendly Trails at Joshua Tree National Park, California 


Calling all horse-riding enthusiasts! Joshua Tree National Park, California, offers a comprehensive adventure for both people and their equine companions. Let's explore the specific trails that give special permission for horse riding for an unforgettable experience out on the trail.


1. **Black Rock Canyon Horse Camp**

   Located at the Northwest corner of the park, this camp is the perfect starting point for riding into the adjacent Black Rock Canyon backcountry. It offers a reliable source of water, picnic tables, fire rings, and a vault toilet. Remember to bring your California Fire Permit if you wish to have a fire!


2. **Bigfoot Trail**

   The Bigfoot trail is a renowned horse-friendly trail in Joshua Tree National Park. It offers a majestic wilderness experience to horse riders, providing them with unforgettable scenic views packed in nature's love and nurture. 


3. **Covington Backcountry Board**

   Easily accessible from the Covington Flats Picnic Area, this trail offers horse riders a chance to navigate through flat terrains, the scenic portions of Joshua Tree National Park, and the captivating sights of the towering Joshua Trees.


4. **Old Dale Road and Pinto Basin Road**

   Situated in the remote parts of Joshua Tree National Park, this trail offers a unique high desert horse-riding adventure. The sandy washes and vast wide-open plains along the trail make it an ideal path for horse riding. 


5. **Burnt Hill Trail**

   Starting from the Black Rock Horse Camp, this trail takes you to engage severely with the wilderness, taking you deep into the Joshua Trees. The trail is moderately navigable and ideal for horse riding. 


As a reminder, horses should stay on the park roads, washes, and actual trails. They should not be ridden cross-country as they can cause damage to the delicate desert environment. Keep an eye out for wildlife, respect their space and pack in and out all gear and waste. 


Riding in the beautiful wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park is sure to be a unique experience for both you and your horse. So saddle up and hit the trails!




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