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Kittatinny Valley State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Friendly Trails at Kittatinny Valley State Park in New Jersey 


For horseback riders in New Jersey, Kittatinny Valley State Park provides several trails designed specifically with equestrian activities in mind. In this article, we will detail the horse-friendly trails so visitors and their equines can have an unforgettable and enjoyable riding experience. 


#1. Andover Junction-Sussex Branch Trail

Horse riders will enjoy the beauty of the Andover Junction-Sussex Branch Trail. This rail trail is a sprawling 21 miles, offering riders plenty of ground to cover. The trail encompasses wooded areas, wetlands, and lakes, making for a scenic ride. Keep an eye out for wildlife sightings too! 


#2. The Paulinskill Valley Trail

Dalighting horse-riding enthusiasts around the state, the Paulinskill Valley Trail spans 27 miles through the park. Offering scenic views of the Paulinskill River, this trail connects to the Sussex Branch Trail. Be prepared for a few shallow water crossings to add personality to your ride! 


#3. Flyway Meadows Trail 

A picturesque trail ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers, the Flyway Meadows Trail also welcomes horse back riders. This smooth ride extends for approximately 1.5 miles alongside the park's airport, providing a unique blend of nature and man-made spectacle. 


#4. Great Valley Rail Trail

Catering primarily to horseback riders, hikers, and cyclists, the Great Valley Rail Trail presents fantastic surroundings for horseback trail riding. It stands as a four-mile stretch, perfect for riders preferring a shorter journey. This trail winds through a beautiful forest full of lush greenery. 


Enjoy these trails in Kittatinny Valley State Park where your equine friends are welcome. Always remember to respect the trails, adhere to the rules, and leave no trace behind to keep the trails pristine for everyone. Whether you're an experienced rider or planning your first equestrian adventure, these horse-friendly trails are ready to provide memorable rides. 



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