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Lake of Three Fires State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hoof it on Horseback: Equine-friendly Trails of Lake of Three Fires State Park, Iowa 


Lake of Three Fires State Park, nestled in the rural heart of Bedford, Iowa, offers a healthy dose of history and a wonderful wilderness oasis for all riders and their equine friends to enjoy. The park's site sprawls over 691 acres with ample multifunction trails fit for horse riding. Let's trot on through the horse-friendly trails this beautiful park has to offer.


1. Bridle Trails: Spanning across 15 miles, bridle trails circle almost the entire park. These horse-friendly trails weave through lush woodlands, prairies, and beautiful hills. The trails are equipped with clearly marked signs directing riders to the campgrounds and picnic areas, making it easy for you to navigate through the park with your horse. If you and your horse are up for a long venture, these wide and well-maintained Bridle Trails are perfect for you.


2. Multi-use Trail: This is a 6 miles trail designed for multiple uses including horseback riding. The Multi-use Trail goes around the lake and through the undulating terrains of woodland and prairie landscapes. Offering a perfect blend of scenic beauty and adventure, this trail not only suits more adventurous riders but also caters to people new to horse riding. 


3. Trail 3: One of the several equine-friendly trails, Trail 3 is quite an attraction among riders. It meanders through the dense woodland area of the park where riders can enjoy the serenity and the songs of various native bird species. 


4. Trail 5: If you're in the mood for some hill riding, Trail 5 could be your pick. It involves a few steep hills but nothing too steep to manage which makes for a thrilling, engaging horseback ride. 


Lake of Three Fires State Park provides a bridled gateway to adventure and serenity. Don't forget to bring your trail map to ensure you don’t take a wrong turn. Always remember to follow the park rules designed to maintain safety and protect park resources. Now pull in your reins, saddle up and explore the wonders of Lake of Three Fires on horseback!



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