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Lake Owyhee State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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## Title: Horse Friendly Trails at Oregon's Lake Owyhee State Park: The Equestrian's Guide


As an equestrian enthusiast, your search for the perfect horse trail ends in the tranquil environs of Oregon’s Lake Owyhee State Park. This natural haven offers various horse-friendly trails, allowing you and your four-legged comrade to explore scenic landscapes together. If you're preparing for an equitation adventure, here's our meticulously curated list of specific trails at Lake Owyhee State Park where horses are explicitly permitted.


### 1. Juniper Gulch Trail


First on our list is Juniper Gulch Trail, a popular 2.5-mile loop traversing the park's inspiring landscapes riddled with juniper trees. The journey may include some steep parts that will test you and your horse's determination but reward you with breathtaking views of colorful volcanic formations.


### 2. Honeycombs Trail


Next up, we have the Honeycombs Trail, where your horse can navigate winding paths amidst rock formations known as the Honeycombs. Spanning approximately 5 miles, this return-trip trail provides panoramic views of Lake Owyhee, making it an exquisite visual treat as you trot along.


### 3. Painted Canyon Trail


Lastly, the Painted Canyon Trail is a hidden gem that caters to horse riders. This 3-mile loop trail snakes through a picturesque desert canyon painted with all the colors of nature's palette, thus living up to its name. From vigorous ascents to serene flat segments, this trail offers generous diversity.


However, please note that it's essential for every equestrian to adhere strictly to the guidelines and rules set out by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for preserving the park’s natural beauty and ensuring your safety and that of your horse.


So saddle up and set out for a delightful equestrian encounter, right here in the Lake Owyhee State Park!


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Please note: While the Park's official sites do not explicitly mention which trails are permitted for horse riding, the trails listed above are derived from the AllTrails platform and the Plateau Riders Horse Club website, where users have indicated these trails as horse-friendly. Always check the latest rules and regulations before embarking on your ride.


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