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Lake Pueblo State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado 




Saddle up! Here's an insider's guide to the best horse-friendly trails in the stunning Lake Pueblo State Park. If you love riding with your equine friend, you're going to have the time of your life exploring these paths. Without further ado, let's dive into the list!


1. Rock Canyon Trail


A marked trail that's perfect for horses, Rock Canyon Trail offers everything from rock shelves to undercuts, and it winds its way through Pueblo's gorgeous desert landscape. At about 10.1 miles long, it offers an adventurous ride filled with wonder and natural beauty.1


2. Stonehenge Trail


The Stonehenge Trail is a rugged out-and-back trail covering approximately 4 miles. This horse-friendly trail is a side loop of the Rock Canyon Trail. Riders often find it challenging, but the serenity and panoramic views make it worth the effort.2


3. Hooters Trail


At about one mile long, Hooters Trail offers horse riders an easy, short, and enjoyable journey. It's a straightforward ride that makes for a delightful gallop, especially for those who like wide trails lined with beautiful wildflowers and a scenic lake view.3


4. Voodoo Loop Trail


Part of the larger Southern Colorado Trail System, the Voodoo Loop is a fantastic equestrian trail. It's a mild 2.7-mile trail ideal for riders looking to take a quick trip into the serenity of nature. It gives picturesque views of the reservoir.4


5. Quail Run Trail


Quail Run Trail is a great 1.3-mile path that is multi-purpose and perfect for horse riders who also want to see plenty of activity and wildlife. Situated near the eastern side of Lake Pueblo State Park, this trail is loaded with scenery and birdlife, including its namesake, the quail.5




Lake Pueblo State Park offers some of the best horse-friendly trails, with stunning scenics and diverse topography, making every ride a memorable experience. Better get ready to ride into the horizon, because an unforgettable horse adventure awaits you!










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