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Lake Wenatchee State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hoof it Out: Saddle Up on These Horse-Friendly Trails at Lake Wenatchee State Park


For equestrians seeking their next adventure, Lake Wenatchee State Park in Washington is the perfect destination. This picturesque Park boasts a number of trails where horses are welcomed. Let’s explore these trails in detail.


1. **White River Trail**:


Step into nature's splendor riding on the White River Trail. This stunning, horse-friendly path stretches over four miles, guiding riders through the breathtaking woodland landscape. Situated along the White River, it offers an enjoyable mix of tranquility and wildlife spotting opportunities.


2. **Little Wenatchee Ford Trail**:


Embark on an invigorating journey through the Little Wenatchee Ford Trail. This 3.5-mile long trail caters to horseback riders and promises an immersive natural encounter. Traverse through lustrous vegetation, feel the purity of mountain air, and soak up the majestic views.


3. **Chikamin Creek Trail**:


Be at one with the wild on the Chikamin Creek Trail. Spanning six miles, the trail is heavenly for passionate horseback riders. The trail invites horse riders to cruise alongside the gorgeous Chikamin Creek, ensuring a therapeutic trip for both horse and rider.


Given Lake Wenatchee State Park’s commitment to preserving natural diversity, it's important to note that all horseback riders must adhere to established trail rules. Maintain designated trails, respect nature, and ensure a cleaner, more harmonious experience for everyone.


Remember, all horseback riding trails at Lake Wenatchee State Park present their unique blend of wildlife, landscapes, and scenic beauty. Your next horseback riding adventure awaits!


Happy Trails!



1. White River Trail - Official Website URL

2. Little Wenatchee Ford Trail - Official Website URL

3. Chikamin Creek Trail - Official Website URL


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