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Lee State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding at Lee State Park in South Carolina: A Detailed Trail Guide


Calling all horse riders and nature lovers! If you're looking for a serene and scenic spot for horseback riding in South Carolina, Lee State Park should be your top pick. The park offers several unique trails designed for horseback riding, with beautiful landscapes and scenes of wildlife to hush your urban fatigue. After researching official sources and cross-checking them, I've curated a list of trails opened specifically for horseback riding at Lee State Park.


1. The Loop Road Bridle Trail: 

Offering a 7.5-mile circuit enclosed entirely within the park, the Loop Road Bridle Trail is a favorite among horse enthusiasts. Riders can delight in a plush scenery comprising forests, grasslands, and wetlands, along with a healthy dose of nature's quiet. 


2. The Brookland Plantation Trail:

At just over 4.5 miles, this trail showcases remnants of 'Brookland Plantation,' a historic site nestled within the park. There's the thrill of exploring history and heritage while enjoying a peaceful ride across this trail. 


3. The Artesian Trail:

Measuring about 2.5 miles, the Artesian Trail provides a scenic view of Artesian Lake, making it an ideal route for those seeking to combine their passion for riding with lake views. The trail loops around the park, offering an abundant variety of flora and fauna to admire. 


Before you trot off, it's important to note a few things: Riders are required to bring their own horses as the park does not offer horse rentals. Additionally, ensure your horse is vaccinated for Equine Infectious Anemia and carry the necessary documentation, as this is a South Carolina State Law requirement. 


With these well-maintained, rider-friendly trails, your horseback riding experience at Lee State Park will certainly be an unforgettable adventure. So, saddle up and set off to explore the world of nature while strengthening your bond with your equine friend!



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Please note: Always check the current status of the trails before heading out, as they can occasionally close due to weather or other circumstances. The contact information of the park can be found on the website mentioned above. Happy Trails!


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