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Leominster State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-friendly Trails in Leominster State Forest, Massachusetts 


Are you and your equine companion looking to explore the scenic trails of Massachusetts? Leominster State Forest is a lovely place to saddle up and enjoy some outdoor time together. This forest encompasses over 4,300 acres of mixed hardwoods and conifers and accommodates horseback riding on several trails. In this article, we’ll explore each horse-friendly trail in detail. 


1. Notown Reservoir Trail


Notown Reservoir Trail is a 7.4-mile loop trail located in the Forest. This trail features a lake and can be rated as moderate. It offers a number of activity options, and horses are definitely welcome. It is best traveled from April until November. Along this trail, you can savor the wildlife and views of the serene Notown Reservoir.


2. Wachusett Reservoir Dike Trail


The Wachusett Reservoir Dike trail, a five-mile loop trail, also lends itself well to horse-backed adventurers. This trail is known for its wild atmosphere and serene landscapes. Keep in mind that it might be quite challenging due to the terrain's inclines and uneven surfaces.


3. North Monoosnoc Overlook Trail


At 6.4 miles, the North Monoosnoc Overlook Trail is a great choice for longer outings. This trail can be quite challenging due to its rockier portions, making it more suitable for experienced riders. However, the breathtaking overlook view at the top will make it all worthwhile.


4. Crowley Hilltop and Pine Hill Trails


This is a delightful 19-mile loop that offers peaceful woodland settings. Horses are allowed on both Crowley Hilltop and Pine Hill Trails. These trails are quite extensive and can provide an all-day adventure for you and your horse.


Remember to respect all posted rules responsibly and take care of the trails by cleaning up any waste from your horse to ensure they remain horse-friendly in the future. Happy trails!



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Note: Ensure to check the current status of these trails before you head out as trail conditions and regulations may change.


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