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Little Miami Scenic State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails of Little Miami Scenic State Park, Ohio


Ah, the joy of horseback riding! Nothing quite compares to the bond between a rider and their horse. And the perfect setting to experience this bond? The great outdoors. Ohio's Little Miami Scenic State Park is one of the best places to enjoy a ride, with multiple trails specifically designed for equestrians. Here's a complete guide on horse-friendly trails in the park. 


1. **Little Miami Scenic Trail**


The Little Miami Scenic Trail is the top horse-friendly trail in the park. This trail runs for a whopping 78 miles, passing through several counties. With a relatively flat terrain, it's an ideal trail for a relaxing ride while enjoying the beauty of the adjacent Little Miami River. Keep an eye out for historical landmarks and abundant wildlife along the way. The trail uses a portion of the former rail corridor of the Little Miami Railroad. Horses are allowed on all but a few miles of this trail.


2. **Horseshoe Bend**


Horseshoe Bend is a more challenging trail that offers plenty of opportunities for trotting and cantering. Covering over 10 miles, riders have the chance to explore dense forests and open meadows, all while enjoying the rugged beauty of the Little Miami River. Note, this trail is multi-use and shared between equestrians, hikers, and bikers.


3. **Coffman's Trace**


Named after a local 19th-century settler, Coffman's Trace is a horse-friendly trail that spans approximately 5 miles. Best suited for intermediate riders, this trail offers the opportunity to experience river crossings and varied terrains.


Before you saddle up and head toward these trails, ensure that you are equipped with all necessary safety gear. Also, note that trail conditions can change depending on the weather and season. So, avoid riding during heavy rain to ensure both the rider and the horse's safety, as well as to prevent trail damage.


Have a fantastic horse trail ride at the Little Miami Scenic State Park in Ohio!



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