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Lolo National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Experience Equestrian Awesomeness: Horse-Friendly Trails in Lolo National Forest


As an equestrian enthusiast, Montana’s Lolo National Forest offers incredible opportunities to explore its stunning landscapes on horseback. Brimming with breathtaking vistas, this national wonder allows you to bond with your horse while encountering wildlife in its natural habitat. Here is a well-curated list of trails that specifically welcome horses. 


1. Reservation Divide Trail (#98):

This 19-mile long trail traverses through forests, meadows, and ridges, offering panoramic views. You can ride alongside streams and wildlife, creating a unique immersive experience. Remember, the trail can be steep at points; horse riders need to exercise caution. 


2. Spring Gulch/Stevensville Ranger District Trail:

A moderately difficult 11-mile loop trail, it offers unique opportunities to encounter local fauna alongside a serene creek. If lucky, you may glimpse bighorn sheep, deer, and a variety of birds. 


3. Rattlesnake National Recreation Area Trail:

Starting just a few miles from Missoula city center, this trail boasts of shimmering creeks, fresh mountain air, and quiet nature sightings. It's a perfect choice if you prefer shorter trails, as most loops range between 2 to 3 miles.


4. Sweeney Creek Loop Trail (#707):

This 17-mile long, lightly trafficked loop trail features stunning wildflowers and serves as an excellent trail for all riding skill levels. Be prepared for a diverse ecosystem, including conifer forests, riparian zones, and rocky outcrops. 


5. Carlton Ridge Trail (#313):

Perfect for advanced riders, this 7.4 mile-long amble takes you through dense forests and steep ridge lines. The elevation climb can be challenging but certainly rewarding with the scenic beauty it enfolds.


Keep in mind that certain trails may have use restrictions during specific times of the year to protect natural resources in the area. Make sure you confirm up-to-date information before embarking on your equestrian adventure in Lolo National Forest. 



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This list is a genuine call to all horse riders who seek harmony with nature. These horse-friendly trails are sure to leave you and your equine partner awe-stricken with the beauty they unfurl!



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