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Lory State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddling Up: Horse-Friendly Trails in Lory State Park, Colorado


Lory State Park in Colorado is an exciting haven for horse riders. Sprawling over 2,536 acres, it's perfect for horseback riding and exploring with its extensive system of pet-friendly trails. So get your riding boots ready. Here are the five incredible trails permitting horses in the beautiful Lory State Park:


1. Arthur's Rock Trail: Known for its awe-inspiring views and lush Greenery, this 3.4-mile trail proves a popular choice among horse riders. Arthur's Rock Trail offers moderate difficulty with a slight incline making it perfect for an adventure-filled ride.


2. Timber Trail: If you choose the 4.1 mile Timber Trail for its grand views and opportunities for wildlife sightings, you won't be disappointed! Rated as a moderately difficult trail, it’s sure to provide a fun challenge to both you and your horse.


3. Howard Trail: Howard Trail is a hard trail measuring around 3 miles. It’s not for beginners, and it’s exhilarating turns and slopes will ensure an exciting ride for experienced horseback riders. 


4. South Valley Loop Trail: This trail is perfect for a leisurely ride. The 3.7-mile loop is well maintained and noted for its picturesque surroundings, providing riders with a calm and scenic journey. 


5. West Valley Trail: Stretching across an easy 2.5 miles, the West Valley Trail is a serene path that carves through open meadows and rolling hills. It's an ideal choice for beginners or a relaxing ride.


In a nutshell, Lory State Park welcomes equestrians with open arms. Each trail offers a unique taste of Colorado's natural beauty, ensuring both you and your equine companion have a memorable experience. Happy Riding!




Lory State Parks Offical Website: hyperlink to the official site


Source One - Visit Fort Collins Website: hyperlink with information about the trails


Source Two - AllTrails Website: hyperlink with information on Lory State Park


Please note: Always check for any trail condition updates or changes in regulations before your visit. The information in this article is up-to-date as of the time of publication.


Disclaimer: Most trails in Lory State Park are multi-use, so be mindful of hikers and bikers sharing the path. Always follow the park's Horse Riding rules and regulations for a safe and enjoyable visit.


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