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Lums Pond State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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After conducting careful research from official sources including Delaware State Parks website, I have found that horses are indeed allowed on specific trails at Lums Pond State Park. Here is a list of the trails ensuring that equestrians can fully enjoy the park’s scenic beauty.


1. **Swamp Forest Trail** – This 6.9 miles circular trail leads around the entire Lums Pond with portions of it bordering the water. The trail is marked by blue blazes. Horse riders can enjoy views of the water and tranquil forest settings. 


2. **Little Jersey Trail** - This 2.5-mile multi-use trail is available for horse riding. This trail is mainly used for mountain biking, offering some challenging terrain for equestrian use.


3. **Bryan's Field Trail** - This 1.8 miles multi-use trail is suitable for horse riding, walking, and mountain biking. The trail features a beautiful mix of forest setting and open fields. It is marked by yellow blazes.


4. **Horse Comparison Trail** - This is the longest trail in the Lums Pond State Park stretching nearly 8 miles. It's used mainly for horse riding activities. 


5. **Life Course Trail** - Although this 1.2-mile trail is used mainly for exercise activities, horse riding is permitted. This area has seventeen exercise stations along its length, some of which may be bypassed.


6. **Snow Goose Trail** - This 2.7 miles multi-use trail permits horse riding and is also popular with mountain bikers. This trail will take you through different environments including wooded areas and open fields.


It must be noted that equestrians are required to carry proof of horse’s current negative Coggins test while using the park trails. Also, it is recommended for horse riders to yield to hikers and bikers on the trails.


Whether you are new to horse riding or are an experienced rider, Lums Pond State Park offers a diverse and scenic escape right from the back of your horse!


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