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Malibu Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Malibu Creek State Park, California 


California's Malibu Creek State Park features awe-inspiring views, an excellent variety of flora and fauna, and some of the best equestrian trails within the Golden State. We have collated the top equestrian-friendly trails within the park that specifically allow horse-riding, so you can have an adventure-filled day with your noble steed.


1. Back Bone Trail

The Back Bone Trail stretches over 60 miles, starting from Clarendon Drive and leading to Malibu Creek State Park. The trail highlights the striking diversity of the Santa Monica Mountains and is undoubtedly a treat for equestrians. Riders can enjoy a variety of terrain, from rolling hills to dense chaparral cover. 


2. Crags Road Trail

This trail offers riders a brilliant 4.7-mile trail with scenic splendor. The Crags Road Trail provides an enjoyable horse ride with plenty of shade from surrounding oak and sycamore trees and even includes a historic dam site.


3. Malibu Creek Trail 

Horse-friendly from start to finish, the Malibu Creek Trail is an enjoyable 15 miles long stretch, which provides stunning views of the creek, waterfalls, and the ever-famous M.A.S.H. film site.


4. Yearling Trail 

The Yearling Trail is a short but memorable ride. Winding for approximately a mile through the park, this trail offers riders a shaded trip on a gentle slope with scenic views of the Malibu Creek.


5. Grassland Trail 

This less steep 2-mile trail is ideal for a leisurely horse ride. The Grassland Trail shows off the park’s rolling grassland scenery leading to the Deer Leg Trail junction. 


6. Bulldog Motorway 

This vigorous 7-mile round trip trail involves a steep initial climb but rewards riders with panoramic views of Malibu hills and the Pacific Ocean. Do note that certain parts of the trail can be challenging, so make sure you and your horse are well-equipped for an adventurous trip. 


Before heading out, ensure your planned route is currently open and accessible. Always remember to respect the rules of the trail and consider other trail-goers.








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