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Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Gallop and Explore: Horse-Friendly Trails at California's Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park


Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, a celebrated gem in the lush California landscape, welcomes equestrians to explore several of its trails. If you're looking for a serene place to ride your horse, this park is a fantastic choice. Here's a curated list of the trails where you and your equine friend are invited to journey through history and nature together.


1. **Monroe Ridge Trail**: This 3-mile loop trail allows horses, providing staggering views of the surrounding area as you ascend Monroe Ridge. Buckle up for a moderate ride, rewarding you and your horse with both physical activity and stunning vistas.


2. **Gold Discovery Loop Trail**: This easy loop trail spans 3.2-miles and is a dream ride for history buffs on horseback. It generally allows horses and takes you through the exact spots where gold was first discovered on the west coast.


3. **James Marshall Monument Trail**: A relatively easy 0.6-mile round trip trail that welcomes horses. It begins near the gold discovery site and winds up at James Marshall's monument, a great way to soak in the area's rich history.


4. **Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail**: Often referred to as the American River Bike Trail, this 32-mile long trail opens its paths to horses too. It offers diverse scenery, encompassing viewpoints of the American River, Lake Natoma, and Folsom Lake.


5. **Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge Trail**: Tracing the old railbed to the limestone quarry, this trail exhibits several historical points of interest. It not only allows hikers and bikers but also equines, who will thoroughly enjoy this 2-mile long scenic ride.


Before embarking on any expedition, it is always wise to check current regulations and restrictions. Possibly, certain trails may be temporarily closed, or rules may change. Always remember to respect the park’s regulations for an enjoyable and safe riding experience.



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