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McDonald State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Trails of the Majestic McDonald State Forest, Oregon


Finding the right trail for your equine companion’s enjoyment can seem daunting, but look no further than the beautiful McDonald State Forest in Oregon. This forest boasts a splendid network of trails that are not only picturesque but also horse-friendly. Here is a curated list of trails at McDonald Forest that explicitly permit horses:


1. **Calloway Creek Trail:** Venturing through a gorgeous stretch of timber stands, this 2.5-mile trail offers an enriching equestrian experience amidst the lush Oregon greenery. A fairly easy ride, Calloway Creek Trail is an ideal choice for a serene day out with your horse. 


2. **Old Growth Trail:** As the name suggests, this trail leads you through sections of the forest's oldest trees, exhibiting the grandeur of nature undisturbed. At 1.7 miles in length, the Old Growth Trail offers a tranquil and engaging ride for horse and rider. 


3. **Section 36 Loop:** For a relatively lengthy but satisfying ride, consider the Section 36 Loop. This trail is about 5.5-miles long with varying elevations providing a challenging but rewarding ride. 


4. **Vineyard Mountain Trail:** Winding around six miles with a moderate difficulty level, this trail offers stunning vistas for you to relish while riding. 


5. **Alpha Trail:** A quiet, less-traveled trail, the Alpha trail is an excellent choice for an adventurous horseback ride. It spans about 3 miles and features some stunning wooded landscapes. 


6. **Santos Trail:** This popular 2.7-mile trail goes through a rich variety of terrains, offering plenty of visual treats for both you and your horse. 


Remember to carry a map and follow trail etiquette. Give way to hikers and bikers, ride single file, and stick to the designated trails to make the outing enjoyable for everyone.



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