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Medicine Bow National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse Riding Trails in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming


In the 1.1 million acre oasis of Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming, there’s a variety of trails that are designed with horseback riders in mind. This article comprises a comprehensive list of these trails. Please remember that all information is updated as per the most recent internet resources.


1. Gap Lakes Trail 

This is a 6.2-mile trek with an estimated elevation gain of roughly 1,000 feet. It bridges the gap between North Gap Lake and South Gap Lake. Your horse ride takes you in a scenic tour around the lakes with fantastic spots to rest and enjoy nature.


2. Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District Trails 

This area gives horse riders a plethora of trail choices. It has approximately 600 miles of trails, with varying length and difficulty. The names include North Fork Encampment trail, Deep Creek trail, and many more.


3. Rock Creek Trail 

This trail features a 10.4-mile loop. It's situated near Arlington and often described as moderately trafficked. Expect to cruise along the crystal-clear Rock Creek and cross pristine meadows.


4. Browns Peak Trail 

It's a 9-mile hike from the Jelm, Wyoming side, scaling to the highest point of the Snowy Range. The journey to the top is filled with tranquil wilderness and a chance to view Wyoming’s picturesque landscapes.


5. Sheep Lake Trail

Sheep Lake Trail is a largely level 5.8-mile trail located near Saratoga. You’ll bask in the beauty of the high alpine lake and lush meadows alongside.


6. Medicine Bow Peak Trail 

An 11-mile trail rewards riders with mesmerizing views of the surrounding wilderness and the towering Medicine Bow Peak. The trail's final stretch can be rocky, so ensure your horse is comfortable with such terrain.


7. Savage Run Wilderness Trails 

You can navigate through the area on horseback using Savage Run Trail and the trails of Hog Park. Do make sure to check for any seasonal restrictions before you start your journey. 


It's crucial to adhere to Leave No Trace principles when venturing on these trails to protect and preserve them for future generations. Always check local restrictions and regulations beforehand, ensuring all activities align with posted guidelines.









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