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Milo McIver State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horseback Riding Getaway: Horse-Compatible Trails at Milo McIver State Park, Oregon


Riding horses on a scenic trail can be not just a fun weekend activity, but also a therapeutic means to commune with nature. Just east of Estacada is a little hidden gem, an equestrian's delight – the Milo McIver State Park in Oregon, USA. 


Not all trails permit horseback riding, but don't fret! We've done our homework and have found trails within Milo McIver State Park that permit horse riding. So let us rein in and trot along these trails!


#1. Rivermill Trail 

Stretched over about 2.6 miles, this moderate-grade trail weaves through some of the most enchanting natural landscapes. This trail, primarily designed for equestrian use, blends wilderness, sparkling river views, and well-appointed picnic spots making it a perfect trail for horseback riders. 


#2. Bat Trail

While this trail calls to the adventurous at heart, it is worth mentioning that this 1.6-mile long trail is rated as intermediate-difficult due to its steep lanes. However, the rewarding views can leave you majestic memories! It starts close to the historic Vortex site and extends towards the park's south end, offering exquisite flora and fauna views.


#3. South Trail

Unwind as you cruise through meandering trails opening up to stunning views of the Clackamas River. The South Trail, about 1.5 miles long, has a gentle slope easing it for novice equestrians too.


#4. Cedar Grove Trail

This trail of about half a mile may be small but is a pocket-sized powerhouse of nature. The Cedar Grove Trail takes you through lush groves of Cedar and Pine, emanating that tantalizing fresh woody aroma that's bound to transport you to tranquil realms.


Each of these trails offers parking areas slightly off the main roads, so you don't have to worry about your trailers' parking space!


Before hitting the trails, ensure you have your day-use permits, especially during peak season from April 15 to October 15. Many of the trails are multi-use, so share the trails courteously with walkers and bikers. Remember, safety takes 'reins' over speed. Let's keep these trails beautiful and safe for the years to come!



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