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Monongahela National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-friendly Trails in Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia: Where Adventures & Horses Come Together


Discover a haven for horseback riders in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains - the majestic Monongahela National Forest. Lush and vibrant, the forest beckons with miles of horse-friendly trails. Let’s saddle up and explore some of the top trails that allow our equine companions in this all-natural spectacular showpiece of West Virginia.


1. **Mountain View Trail**

This 11.2-mile trail promises a diverse landscape with meadows, forests and striking views of the Allegheny mountains. The trail varies from easy to moderate difficulty levels, offering a rewarding ride for both, the novice and experienced equestrian. 


2. **Bear Heaven Trail**

A journey through the Bear Heaven Trail offers a serene 7-mile ride across rolling hills and fragrant pines. Noted for its peaceful ambience, it's perfect for a tranquil horseback trail experience.


3. **Bee Run Trail**

Winding through hardwood forests skirts, the Bee Run Trail is 12.5 miles long. It’s a mix of old logging roads and forest trails, creating a more challenging terrain. However, its rushing streams and enchanting woodland scenery make it well worth the adventure. 


4. **Cheat Mountain Trail**

If long-distance horseback riding is in your wheelhouse, the Cheat Mountain Trail is a delightful treat. Spanning over 21 miles, it offers a journey across bogs, high elevation forests and open plains, ensuring an unforgettable equestrian experience. 


5. **Cranberry River Horse Trail**

A unique feature of this 16-mile trail is the abundance of wildlife you'll encounter. Riding through pines and hardwood forests, it's frequented by deer, wild turkey, and even black bears. Be prepared for a few stretches of challenging pathways.


6. **Kennison Mountain Trail**

The Kennison Mountain Trail looms at an elevation of over 3,400 feet, and boasts a 9.6-mile exciting trail, skirting through mountain laurel thickets and spruce forests. Though challenging, it’s a paradise for experienced equestrian looking for thrill and scenic delight. 


Make sure you follow trail etiquette and best practices, such as observing speed limits, yielding to other trail users, and keeping the trails clean for all to enjoy.


Let the diverse Monongahela National Forest become your next equestrian expedition. With trails suitable for every expertise-level, it promises a memorable equine adventure coupled with breathtaking landscapes. Happy riding!



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