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Myles Standish State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Your Guide to Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Myles Standish State Park: Soak Up Nature on Horseback!


As an equestrian, exploring a new trail with your equine friend is always an exciting endeavor. Luckily, the Myles Standish State Park in Massachusetts boasts multiple horse-permitted trails. We've gathered a list of these Northeast nature hideaways where you and your four-legged companion can cherish your outdoor rides together.


1. **East Head Reservoir Trail**

A 4-mile loop around the stunning East Head Reservoir, this trail is a great summer ride. The trail offers some shade and travels on different terrains, keeping your horse focused and entertained. 


2. **Bare Hill Trail**

Regarded as one of the best horse-friendly trails in the park, Bare Hill Trail is a 2.5-mile loop that takes you and your equestrian buddy around Bare Hill Pond. Enjoy delightful woodland views and a plethora of wildlife along this trail.


3. **Bentley Loop**

If you're looking for a shorter ride, the Bentley Loop could be ideal. This 1.3-mile trail winds through the park's pine barrens, offering beautiful views and a chance to watch the park's diverse bird species.


4. **Cherry Pond Trail**

Covering 1.5 miles, the Cherry Pond Trail is well marked and mainly used for horse riding. Equestrians will love the serenity the Cherry Pond offers as they guide their horses through serene wooded spots.


5. **Rocky Pond Trail**

A favorite among many park visitors, the Rocky Pond Trail is a picturesque journey around the Rocky Pond. Spanning 3.6 miles, the trail provides breathtaking views of the pond thrown in with vibrant flora and fauna, making for a memorable ride.


6. **Three Cornered Pond Trail**

At 2 miles in length, this winding trail takes you around the scenic Three Cornered Pond and through densely packed pines. A must-ride for every equestrian visit to the Myles Standish State Park.


7. **Friends Trail**

Rounding up the list is the Friends Trail. This 3-mile wander through the park offers excellent visibility and firm ground — perfect for a light canter with your equine companion!


Remember, save the trails for future generations; always stick to the paths and clean up after your horse.



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