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Natchaug State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails in Natchaug State Forest, Connecticut


Natchaug State Forest, located in Eastern Connecticut, is renowned for its vast expanses of verdant landscapes, endurance-testing hiking trails, and, delightfully for horse lovers, several scenic equestrian-friendly trails. From the trodden paths containing a sense of history under their tread to the routes offering captivating views of natural beauty, here are the incredible horse-allowed trails that will make your hearts gallop with joy!


1. **Mashamoquet Brook State Park Trails**


Located at the edge of the Natchaug State Forest, the Mashamoquet Brook State Park boasts several trails open to equestrians. The trails remarkably traverse through varied landscapes, including lush meadows, dense deciduous forest, and magnificent rock formations. Horse riders can enjoy a tranquil journey complemented by the park's abundant wildlife and the serene ambience of the Brook. 


2. **Quinebaug River Trail**


The Quinebaug River Trail is another gem for horseback riding. Stretching along the Quinebaug River, the trail offers a unique mix of scenic riverfront views, sprawling fields, and dense forests. Its flat surface makes it the perfect trail for beginners or those desiring a relaxed ride. 


3. **Natchaug Trail**


Part of the renowned 825-mile Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails system, Natchaug Trail is open to equestrians. It provides thrilling encounters with wildlife, stunning views overlooking the Natchaug River, and paths plunging into the heart of Connecticut's quintessential woodland. Note, horse rider must be mindful and considerate of other trail users. 


4. **Nehantic Trail**


The Nehantic Trail, another part of the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails system, is also horse-friendly. Meandering through the picturesque pine and hemlock forests of Natchaug State Forest, it offers equestrians a serene wilderness escape right at the heart of Connecticut!


Please note, while equestrian activity is permitted on these trails, it is important to respect the park’s ‘Leave no trace’ principle, including cleaning up after your horse and strictly adhering to marked trails to avoid causing damage to this beautiful natural environment.


Visit the state forest or park’s website or contact the local park rangers for the most updated and detailed information regarding trail status, restrictions, and safety guidelines.






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