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Newton Hills State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Saddle-Ready Ride: A Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails at Newton Hills State Park, South Dakota.


Are you and your four-legged companion looking for your next great adventure? Look no further! Newton Hills State Park in South Dakota is renowned for its horse-friendly trails providing acres of exploratory fun for both rider and horse. Here’s everything you need to know.


1. **Blue Stem Loop**


With a comfortable length of 2.5 miles, the Blue Stem Loop winds through the South Dakota prairie, offering panoramic views of the park’s unique geology and inviting grasslands. This ride is suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels!


2. **Sparrow Hawk Trail**


Sparrow Hawk Trail is a slightly more challenging 3-mile loop that provides a taste of the park's wooded terrain. This trail is a favorite among horseback riders who are a bit more experienced and up for the physical challenge!


3. **Prairie Trail**


Prairie Trail spans 1.8 miles and takes riders along a picturesque expanse of the park's gorgeous prairie landscape. This trail is relatively flat, making it easily accessible to beginners or those looking for a leisurely afternoon ride.


4. **Bur Oak Trail**


The Bur Oak Trail, at 4.5 miles, is one of the longest available trails at Newton Hills State Park allowing horse riding. The trail winds through a blend of grasslands and woodlands, offering riders ample opportunity to spot local wildlife.


Remember, always check with the park officials about current trail conditions before venturing out, and make sure to follow all state park rules and guidelines!




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Please Note: URLs have to be obtained from the official websites of the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks department, and the South Dakota Tourism Bureau and are subject to change based on the state's current guidelines. Always verify the information with these sources before planning a ride.


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