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Nicolet National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-friendly Trails at Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin


If you're a horse riding enthusiast looking for your next adventure, you're in luck! Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin offers a number of trails that allow visitors to explore the great outdoors via their equine companions. Let's have a look at some of the best trails available for horse riding at Nicolet National Forest.


1. **Scott Lake Trail**

   This 1.5-mile loop takes riders around Scott Lake, offering breathtaking scenery along the way. Along with lush greenery, you can also enjoy an occasional sighting of some local wildlife. This trail is not particularly challenging, making it great for a leisurely experience.


2. **Scott Rapids Horse Camp**

   This isn't a trail but a designated horse camping area that offers access to numerous horse-friendly trails. This campground is a hub for horse riders as it provides direct access to Nicolet State Trail and other horse-friendly trails nearby.


3. **Nicolet State Trail**

   This trail is connected to Scott Rapids Horse Camp and runs for about 70 miles from Gillett to the Michigan state line. Its flat and wide path makes it perfect for all skill levels.


4. **Lauterman Trail**

   The Lauterman trail is a looped trail offering two routes, one 6 miles long and another 11 miles long, thereby catering to both inexperienced and experienced riders.


5. **Bear Paw Pathway**

   This trail offers a challenging and immersive horse riding experience through its 13.5 miles of pathway. It's a looped trail with the path, winding through wetlands, forests, and hills. 


6. **Blackberry Trail**

   The Blackberry Trail, named after the abundant blackberry bushes in the area, is a short yet scenic trail that's perfect for a quick ride. It's a 1.9-mile loop that crosses over several streams, providing riders with a serene and enjoyable ride.


Before you saddle up, it's important to remember that guidelines and restrictions can change, so always check the current rules and regulations. Trail lengths, types of vegetation, elevation, and other detailed information can be found at official sources.


Stay safe, respect the trails, and happy riding!



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