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Old Baldy National Recreation Trail Loop Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Galloping Through the Old Baldie National Recreation Trail Loop - Horse-friendly Trails in Arizona




There's no shortage of exploration opportunities when visiting the Old Baldy National Recreation Trail Loop in Arizona, especially for our equine companions. While some trails are restricted, a good number welcome horse riders. Here's our comprehensive list of trails within this recreational hotspot where horses are not only allowed but also embraced:


1. Super Trail 


The Super trail is a horse-friendly trail, as it integrates smooth slopes perfect for horseback riding. This trail spans around 8.1 miles and offers scenic views of the surrounding woodland landscape. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, the Super Trail offers an exciting experience on horseback. 


2. Four Springs Trail 


Another horse-friendly trail is the Four Springs Trail. At a length of approximately 3.6 miles, this trail provides a beautiful opportunity for nature lovers. Its fairly easy terrain allows for both horseback riding and hiking.


Note: While the Old Baldy National Recreation Trail Loop is a popular recreational site, it's essential to respect local trail rules and etiquette. Always prioritize cleanliness of the trails for the enjoyment of future users. Efforts are continuous to maintain this unique natural environment, so please leave no trace of your visit behind.


Please be aware that not all trails may be suitable for all horses and riders, given the various topographies, vegetation, and wildlife present in the area. Always take caution, prepare well, and check current trail conditions before you embark on your journey.




There is a natural connection between horses and the great outdoors. Arizona's Old Baldy National Recreation Trail Loop provides the perfect venue to make great memories while exploring stunning, horse-friendly trails. Riding on these paths, horse riders experience an exceptional journey, with Mother Nature serving as their backdrop. So saddle up and head out for an unforgettable adventure!









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