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Old Erie Canal State Historic Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Embrace an Equestrian Adventure: Horse-Friendly Trails at Old Erie Canal State Historic Park, New York


Welcome, nature-lovers and equestrian enthusiasts! Discover the beauty of New York's treasured state parks on horseback. Let us guide you through the well-trodden paths at the Old Erie Canal State Historic Park designed specifically for horse-riding enjoyment. Unlike common misconceptions, many trails in this expansive park encourage horse riding, offering a unique way to experience its picturesque charm.


1. **Old Erie Canal Trail**

   One of the primary horse-allowed trails, the Old Erie Canal Trail spans over 36 miles from DeWitt to Rome. This flat, trail promises a smooth ride along the scenic remains of the historic waterway, making it perfect for equestrians of all levels. It should be noted that while the trail is also used by walkers, bikers, and in the winter, snowmobilers, horses are definitely allowed.


2. **Towpath Trail**

   The Towpath Trail is an ideal patch developed parallel to the Erie Canal and runs along the original path mule teams used to tow barges through the Canal. This trail is a must-ride for history enthusiasts. Remember, not all parks provide such a unique combination of history and horse riding.


3. **Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum Trail**

   This short horse-friendly trail winds around the Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum area, offering a glimpse into New York's maritime history. The trail is easily accessible year-round, providing a great opportunity for a quick gallop.


Note: According to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, horseback riding is allowed on the Canalway Trail, but riders are asked to prevent their horses from damaging the trail surface or canal structures. Riders are also asked to remove any horse waste from the trail. Also, park regulations indicate that horses aren't allowed on park property between sunset and sunrise. 


While the Old Erie Canal State Historic Park offers an array of trails suitable for equestrians, always check for signages and regulations before you saddle up. Happy riding!



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Please note that the trails mentioned and the regulations can change, so always call or check the official park website for the most current information.


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