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Ouachita National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Ten Ouachita National Forest Trails - Furry Friend and Equine Approved


Hello trailblazers and horse enthusiasts! If you dream of exploring the great outdoors of Arkansas, along with your trusty four-legged companion, you'll love this comprehensive list of equestrian trails in Ouachita National Forest. The trails below allow horses, giving a unique perspective to the beauty of this National Forest. 


1. THE WILDVINE HORSE TRAIL: Stretching over 27 miles through gently rolling Ouachita mountains, this trail is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. Nature unfolds at every hoofprint on this well-marked, underused trail.


2. THE BUCKEYE MOUNTAIN TRAIL: At a distance of 8 miles roundtrip, the Buckeye Mountain Trail winds through rugged mountain vistas with panoramic views of the Ouachita River Valley. 


3. THE BLACK FORK MOUNTAIN TRAIL: Extending 13 miles along the Oklahoma border, this steep, challenging trail offers experienced riders unrivaled views of the area's contrasting landscapes.


4. THE LOVIT (LAKE OUACHITA VISTA TRAIL): Following the southern shore of Lake Ouachita, the LOViT is a 38 miles long trail. Horse riders enjoy the trail's diversity.


5. THE HORSETHIEF SPRINGS TRAIL: A challenging 18-mile ride, the Horsethief Springs Trail combines the north and south loops of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail. 


6. THE EAGLE ROCK LOOP TRAIL: As one of the longest loop trails in Arkansas, Eagle Rock spans 26.8 miles. Riding along the Little Missouri River, you'll venture through the challenging Athens-Big Fork section.


7. THE VILES BRANCH HORSE TRAIL: The Viles Branch Horse Trail is an 11-mile loop with several creek crossings. Dense forest coverage makes it a perfect trail during warmer weather.


8. LICK CREEK TRAIL: A semi-loop trail of about 8.5 miles, the Lick Creek Trail provides multiple creek crossings and picturesque lakeside stretches.


9. CANEY CREEK TRAIL: This 23-mile trail system features panoramic views from atop Buck Knob and a peaceful ride through forests and stream valleys.


10. THE OUACHITA NATIONAL RECREATION TRAIL: This epic trail stretches 192 miles across the heart of Ouachita National Forest. Horse riders are permitted on most sections, providing extended riding opportunities.


Do remember to respect trail etiquette when riding and always check with park officials for current trail conditions. Happy Trails!



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