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Ouachita Wildlife Mgmt. Area Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding at Ouachita Wildlife Management Area: Trails for Equestrian Lovers




Ouachita Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana offers stunning picturesque landscapes and a variety of trails perfect for equestrian enthusiasts. This expansive conservation reserve provides various outdoor activities, but undoubtedly, horseback riding over its beautiful terrain showcases the area's unique charm. Below are the specific trails that allow horseback riding.


1. Caney Creek Trail


The Caney Creek Trail is a magnificent trail that runs about 4 miles and is open for horseback riding. It meanders through verdant forestry, offering riders a serene journey amidst nature. The trail is flanked by Caney Creek, a favorite fishing spot, making it a visually appealing route for horseback riders.


2. Sandstone Trail


Stretching over 8 miles, the Sandstone Trail is a longer route that passes through a mix of hardwood and pine, creating a refreshing ambience for horseback riding. Its undulating terrain is a mild challenge, adding a thrill to your riding experience. Look out for wildlife sightings, as the trail is abundant in local species.


3. Miller’s Field Trail


Miller's Field Trail is a beautiful trail that unfolds a delightful panorama of Miller's Field, one of the picturesque open lands within the Ouachita Wildlife Management Area. This trail, open to horse riders, is a valuable resource for naturalists and bird watchers.




Before embarking on your horseback riding adventure, please ensure that you have the required permit, follow trail guidelines, and stay on marked trails. Riders are encouraged to respect the natural environment and local wildlife.




The Ouachita Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana offers an exceptional horseback riding experience. Its various equestrian-friendly trails, such as the Caney Creek Trail, Sandstone Trail, and Miller’s Field Trail, provide perfect routes for both recreational riders and nature enthusiasts. Experience Louisiana like never before on horseback, uncovering its picturesque landscapes and diverse ecosystem.




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