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Pacific Crest National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hoofing It on the Pacific Crest Trail: Equestrian-Friendly Trails in California 



Whether you are an experienced equestrian, a casual rider, or simply love the camaraderie of your four-legged friend, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) offers endless adventures for horse riding enthusiasts across California.


Here is a list of select trails where horses are permitted to traverse across the awe-inspiring landscapes of the PCT. 


1. Mt. Laguna to Warner Springs:

Covering about 59 miles, this route will take you through multiple sceneries — from mountaintop manzanita forests and rolling meadows to gushing creeks and rustic ranches.


2. Warner Springs to Paradise Valley Café: 

This 110-mile section takes you across a range of natural environments – ranging from lush valleys to steep deserts, providing a challenging yet rewarding journey for you and your horse.


3. Old Station to Belden: 

Approximately 128 miles long, this trail covers a variety of terrains, including lava fields, dense forests, and even a portion of beautiful Lake Almanor. 


4. Etna Summit to Seiad Valley: 

This 38-mile trail will give you and your horse a diverse, scenic ride through lush forests, clear mountain streams, and open meadows.


5. Chester to Belden: 

Traveling along this 45-mile pathway will treat you to picturesque views of the forested mountains, grassy valleys, and beautiful creeks. It also features a horse-friendly campsite midway. 


6. Sierra City to Quincy-LaPorte Road:

A lengthy ride of roughly 93 miles, this stretch of the PCT offers a truly unique riding experience through beautiful meadows, mountains, and forests teeming with wildlife.


7. Tahoe National Forest: 

While not an independent trail itself, the PCT section traversing Tahoe National Forest is a mecca for equestrians. Riders can peer into the heart of the wilderness from the saddle while winding through breathtaking landscapes. 



The Pacific Crest Trail aptly demonstrates California’s incredible diversity. It's also a joy for equestrians, offering miles of horse-friendly paths. Keep in mind these specific trails above, and always ensure to respect the trail and fellow hikers. Happy riding! 



The information presented here was compiled from the official Pacific Crest Trail Association website (, the U.S. Forest Service website (, and the National Park Service website ( Make sure to check these resources for up-to-date information and restrictions.



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