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Paugnut State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Ideal Horseback Riding Trails at Paugnut State Forest, Connecticut



Looking to breathe in some fresh air and embark on an adventurous horseback riding escapade in Connecticut? Look no further than Paugnut State Forest! The forest commands a formidable array of premier trails that are specifically designed to accommodate horseback riders. Let's trot on and explore these trails together.


1. John Muir Trail:


The John Muir Trail is an equestrian’s dream trail. Winding scenically through the heart of the Paugnut State Forest, this horse-friendly trail offers panoramic views of the breathtaking Connecticut landscape. The trail is well-marked and boasts an array of soft surfaces, making it a haven for riders of all experience levels.


2. Walnut Mountain Trail:


Walnut Mountain Trail promises an exhilarating ride through deciduous woodlands, across meandering streams, and past captivating wildlife. This horse-approved trail is moderately challenging, with undulating terrain to test your skills, while the thick foliage provides a refreshing canopy during sunny days.


3. Turner Trail:


Merging seamlessly with the wider network of trails in Paugnut State Forest, Turner Trail is a splendid combination of easy and moderate stretches ideally suited for horse riding. It's a favorite amongst riders for its calming ambiance, wide paths, and flat surfaces, thus insuring a relaxing ride.


4. Vue Des Monts Trail:


Deemed adventurous and ideal for horse riders, Vue Des Monts Trail offers captivating vistas of the encompassing mountains. This diverse trail has moderate to challenging stretches that ensure a fun-filled, trotting experience for both riders and their horses.


5. Skyline Scramble Trail:


Soak in the bewitching skyline views from atop your horse on the Skyline Scramble Trail. This horse-friendly trail is relatively flat, making it perfect for novice riders. The stunning views alongside the trail ensure that there's never a dull moment for horseback riders.



Paugnut State Forest's horse-friendly trails offer an unforgettable riding experience unlike any other. From gentle paths perfect for beginners, to challenging stretches to test skilled riders, there's always a trail to explore on horseback in this spectacular forest. 



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