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Pedernales Falls State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Trails of Texas: Horseback Riding at Pedernales Falls State Park


Whether you're an experienced equestrian or a beginner on horseback, Texas offers a multitude of trails to explore the natural beauty of the Lone Star State. Today, we'll be homing in on Pedernales Falls State Park, where equine-friendly paths abound. Ready to canter through captivating landscapes under the vast Texas sky? Check out our detailed list of specific trails at Pedernales Falls State Park where horse riding is permitted. 


1. South Loop Equestrian Trail


Starting our list is the South Loop Equestrian Trail, which is 10 miles long and known for its diversity in landscape, wildlife, and vegetation. This trail offers panoramic views and engaging wildlife. Note that this trail requires a bit of riding skill due to its length and varied terrain. 


2. Juniper Ridge Trail


The Juniper Ridge Trail is a great choice for all skill levels. This 4.5-mile trail is relatively flat and wide, providing a safe and relaxed ride. The path is named for the juniper trees that frame the beautiful sights of the Texas Hill Country. 


3. Madrone Trail


Madrone Trail is a 2.5-mile loop trail, boasting magnificent views and a variety of wildlife, including deer, birds, and butterflies. Named after the Madrone trees that can be seen throughout the loop, this trail is an interesting choice for those wanting a shorter ride. 


Please be advised that the Pedernales Falls State Park requires all horse riders to produce their valid Coggins Test papers (for equine infectious anemia) for their horses upon entry. Riders should plan to pack in and pack out any necessities, as amenities along the trails are minimal.


We hope our list has made planning your equestrian adventure at Pedernales Falls State Park a breeze. Texas awaits, so take the reins and embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Lone Star State.


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