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Pisgah National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina


If you are an equestrian enthusiast searching for the perfect trail to enjoy on horseback, look no further than the expansive, picturesque Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. This majestic region offers numerous trails that allow horses, each with its own unique beauties and challenges. Here are some, carefully researched and verified, that you can consider for your next riding adventure. 


1. **Max Patch Loop**

    This 2.4-mile loop is located near Hot Springs, and horses are permitted on this trail. Renowned for its panoramic views, Max Patch Loop can be a profoundly rewarding experience on horseback. You can absorb the surrounding beauty across all four seasons, bearing witness to wildflowers, resplendent fall colors, or snow-dusted landscapes. 


2. **North Mills River Trail**

    The North Mills River Trail stretches over 5.1 miles near Mills River. This trail specifically states that it is open to equestrians, hikers, and mountain bikers, making it a versatile option. Wildflowers and fall colors seasonally add to the scenic charm of the ever-flowing river view.


3. **Pink Beds Loop Trail**

   This 5-mile loop trail is located near Pisgah Forest, and it's a fantastic choice for an extended horseback ride. It’s notably flat and offers an interesting diversity of ecosystems, from mountain bogs to pine and hardwood forests. The trail markers and well-maintained paths make navigation easy.


4. **Squirrel Gap Trail**

   Squirrel Gap Trail is a longer, more challenging trail at 8.6 miles and is located near Mills river. Noted for its fantastic forest setting and wildlife sightings, it is open to equestrians. It's a fantastic option for an all-day ride.


5. **Wash Creek Trail**

    Near Horse Shoe is the 2.9-mile Wash Creek Trail specifically designed for horses, hikers and bikers. A small creek crosses the trail, providing a relaxing ambient soundtrack to your journey. This trail provides riders the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of being deeply nested within nature. 


6. **Cove Creek Trail**

   This 7.7-mile trail near Brevard is open to horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bikers. Though somewhat difficult with a descent that can be challenging, it's undoubtedly rewarding, with beautiful waterfalls and teeming wildlife.


Remember, always check the local conditions and rules before taking your horse out as certain trails can be closed due to weather conditions or ongoing maintenance work. Happy Riding!










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