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Plumas National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddle Up: Delightful Equestrian Trails at Plumas National Forest


Whether you're a dedicated horse-lover or an enthusiastic adventurer, there's no better way to experience the beauty of nature than horseback riding. And when it comes to picturesque equestrian trails, Plumas National Forest in California is a crown jewel. Here are curated trails that welcome not only you, but your four-legged partner too.


1. South Park Peak Trail No. 11E03


Stretching 14 miles long, South Park Peak Trail offers an unparalleled combination of varying terrains and scenic views. Marvel at the alpine flora and fauna that embellish your path as you conquer the trail. 


(Source: USDA Forest Service, Plumas National Forest)


2. Bucks Summit to Poker Flat Trail No. 11E04 


With a distance of 5.2 miles, this trail takes you through the heart of floral carpets and towering trees. The trail is moderately difficult, promising both thrill and excitement.


(Source: USDA Forest Service, Plumas National Forest)


3. Grizzly Lake Trail No. 11E19 


This 1.7-mile trail is a peaceful retreat into nature's lap. The trail, ending at the Grizzly Lake, is fairly easy, making it perfect for new horse riders or a relaxing trot.


(Source: USDA Forest Service, Plumas National Forest)


4. Claremont Peak Trail No. 11E20 


Treat your eyes to the beautiful vistas of Indian Valley meadows along this 5.8-mile trail. The trail then culminates at Crescent Mills and provides an intimate encounter with local wildlife.


(Source: USDA Forest Service, Plumas National Forest)


5. Round Valley Reservoir Trail No. 11E27


This trail, which is 11.4 miles long, winds around Round Valley Reservoir, promising awe-inspiring views around every bend. A moderately difficult trail, it's perfect for riders seeking a bit of a challenge.


(Source: USDA Forest Service, Plumas National Forest)


6. Pacific Crest Trail


While the entire Pacific Crest Trail stretches over 2,600 miles from Mexico to Canada, a significant portion winds through Plumas National Forest. This trail not only allows horse riding but offers an extraordinary opportunity to view diverse landscapes.


(Source: Pacific Crest Trail, Plumas National Forest section)


Keep in mind, it's always best to verify current trail conditions and any restrictions before setting off on your ride because it can change throughout the year. Happy Riding!



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