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Ray Roberts Lake State Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After conducting research from reliable sources including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which manages Ray Roberts Lake State Park, it has been confirmed that there are indeed trails where horses are permitted. These are recognized as equestrian trails and are designed to accommodate visitors and their equine companions. However, visitors are requested to bring their own horses because there are no horse rental services in the park. The following is a list-style format description of specific horse-friendly trails:


1. **Greenbelt Corridor:** This trail is a 20.3-mile trail which runs from the Ray Roberts Dam to US 380. It includes a 10-foot wide multi-use trail, open to horses, that runs alongside the river. Remember that horses are not allowed in the picnic areas and campsites along the trail.


2. **Isle du Bois Unit Equestrian Trail:** This trail, dubbed the “Riding Trail,” extends about 12 miles long and has primitive equestrian campsites. It's a well-maintained dirt path and includes bridges over gullies and water crossings. It's great for both experienced and beginner riders.


3. **Lake Ray Roberts Johnson Branch Unit Equestrian Trails:** Varying in length from 3 to 10 miles, these trails offer picturesque views of scenery that will leave you and your horse breathless. They wind through woodlands filled with oak, cedar elm, and more, offering a peaceful horseback ride experience.


4. **Blackjack Grove Loop:** This easy 2-mile trail provides horse riders with a quick loop around the park. It's great for beginner riders or those looking for a leisurely ride.


5. **Quail Ridge Loop:** This 2.1-mile loop is slightly more challenging than the Blackjack Grove Loop. It's still an easy ride for most, with beautiful views and plenty of trees for shade.


6. **Denison Trail:** Though it covers only 1.2 miles, it's a more challenging trail for more experienced riders with its varying terrain.


7. **Jordan Creek Loop:** This 3.8-mile loop is a moderate trail. It provides a longer ride and navigates through some beautiful scenery of Ray Roberts Lake State Park.


8. **Brave’s Woods Loop:** Measuring 2.3 miles, this loop trail is deemed easier for horse riders as it provides a more relaxed horse riding experience.


These trails mentioned above, confirm that horse riding is indeed allowed in specified trails within Ray Roberts Lake State Park. Horse riders are encouraged to explore these trails while respecting the park's natural life and adhering to trail rules and guidelines, ensuring a great horse riding experience.



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