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Ray Roberts Lake State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exquisite Horseback Riding Trails at Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Texas


Hello trail spotters and horse lovers! In this article, we are set to explore some of the horse-friendly trails lacing through Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Texas. Saddle up, as we venture through sun-dipped woods, verdant prairies, and glistening shores. We guarantee that our curated list will quicken both your heart and your horse's hooves!


1. Greenbelt Corridor

Beginning in Aubrey and running southward to Lewisville Lake, the Greenbelt Corridor is a hearty 20-mile pathway. It offers riding, hiking, and biking opportunities with a variety of terrain, making for a thrilling horseback ride. Running alongside the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, this trail also presents ample wildlife viewing opportunities.


2. Randy Bell Scenic Trail

A shorter ride at approximately 2.2 miles, the Randy Bell Scenic Trail runs through the Isle du Bois unit. Beautifully maintained, this loop-trail provides an excellent riding option for those who prefer shorter jaunts or are just starting out.


3. Lost Pines Trail 

Located in the Johnson Branch Unit, the Lost Pines Trail is an approximately 3.72-mile trail. Riding across gentle hills and through open meadows, this jewel of a pathway provides scenic views of the lake and takes riders on a journey back in time.


4. Duck Creek Linear Trail

Follow the 5-mile Duck Creek Linear Trail as it meanders through the Johnson Branch Unit. With a combination of dirt tracks and boardwalk segments, this trail ensures a constant change of scenery for you and your horse to enjoy.


5. Blue Stem Grove Trail 

For a more challenging ride, check out the Blue Stem Grove Trail in the Johnson Branch Unit. With its variable terrain and more complex route about 1.82 miles, this trail is sure to satisfy adventurous riders.


Before hitting the trail, remember to check the specific regulations and guidelines related to horseback riding in the Ray Roberts Lake State Park. While these trails are open to horses, it is always important to respect the rules in place for the safety, enjoyment, and preservation of these beautiful natural environments. 


It’s time to reins up, lean back, and savor the splendid beauty that the horse-friendly trails of Ray Roberts Lake State Park offer!



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