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Redwood National Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails in Redwood National Park, California



If you're seeking an exciting equestrian experience within California's beautiful Redwood National Park, look no further. This article provides a detailed list of specific trails within the park that welcome horseback riders.


1. Coastal Trail, Last Chance Section:

The Coastal Trail's Last Chance Section offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean throughout the ride, winding through old-growth Redwood forest and coastal prairie. This multi-use trail, spanning about 12 miles, accommodates horses, making it perfect for a day of equine adventure.


2. Mill Creek Horse Trail:

Mill Creek Horse Trail is another gem within Redwood National Park. Sharing its path with hikers, this trail navigates through lush landscapes full of ferns, groves of towering redwoods, and skirts along Mill Creek. Horse riders will love the 8-mile out-and-back journey offering plenty of scenic beauty.


3. Orick Horse Trails:

A network of trails specifically designed for horseback riding, the Orick Horse Trails provide expansive views of wooded hills, lovely creeks, and open pastures. Though the entire trail system spans over 60 miles, riders can choose shorter, interconnected segments for a custom journey.


4. Damnation Creek Trail:

Offering a unique blend of coastal and forested scenery, Damnation Creek Trail allows horses on a segment of its path. With turquoise ocean views, towering redwoods, and a diversity of flora and fauna, this trail is truly a marvel. Despite being a somewhat challenging 3.5-mile trail, the payoff is absolutely astonishing.


5. Redwood Creek Trail:

This trail spans nearly 8 miles, immersing riders in tranquil forest landscapes with some sections offering views of Redwood Creek. Ideal for those preferring a longer, more secluded ride, Redwood Creek Trail provides ample opportunities for wildlife sightings.



Exploring Redwood National Park doesn't get better than on horseback. With these horse-friendly trails, you can wander through ancient groves, pass tranquil creeks, and immerse yourself in nature's magnificence. 



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*Note: Always check with the park or trail authorities for current conditions and restrictions before planning a horseback ride as regulations can change without notice.


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