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Ringwood State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: 'Galloping Through Ringwood: Horse-Friendly Trails at Ringwood State Park, New Jersey'


Hook: Unleash your sense of adventure with your equine companion on these extraordinary trails at the beautiful Ringwood State Park in New Jersey!


1. Skylands Manor Ringwood State Park Bridle Path


Take your horse on a majestic journey along the Skylands Manor Bridle Path. This vast trail meanders through the heart of Ringwood State Park, brushing past the breath-taking Skylands Manor. It's an ideal trail for horse riders who fancy a spot of nature and heritage on their ride.


2. Crossover Trail


Crossover trail is a horse rider's dream! Enjoy the mature hardwood forests that envelope the trail and the stunning skyline views. It’s a great place to experience the natural beauty of the park.


3. Halifax Trail


For those seeking a more challenging ride, the Halifax trail might be just the ticket. This trail has a rugged terrain, testing the abilities of both horse and rider, but the views at the top are well worth the climb!


4. Ridge Trail


Journey through the Ridge trail and discover beautiful streams, rock formations, and serene forested areas. It presents a moderate challenge, suitable for more experienced riders.


5. Ringwood-Ramapo Trail


Venture further into wildwood on the Ringwood-Ramapo trail. You will get a sense of being remote from civilization, a truly rejuvenating escape for you and your horse.


6. Hasenclever Iron Trail


A fascinating horse trail that takes you along the path of the historic ironworks industry, Hasenclever Iron Trail is a great option for those interested in the history of the area.


Ringwood State Park continues to charm horse riders with its network of breathtaking and varied horse-friendly trails. Providing a great experience in the outdoors, these trails also act as a history lesson, taking you on a memorable journey through New Jersey's past and present.


Remember to follow all rules and regulations set by Ringwood State Park for a safe and enjoyable horse riding experience.




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