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Riverside State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Experience Riverside State Park on Horseback:  Equestrian-Friendly Trails 




If you're a horse lover looking for an adventurous ride, welcome to paradise! Today, we bring you a list of horse-permitted trails in Riverside State Park, Washington that offer riveting horseback riding experiences. Pack your bags, saddle your horse, and gallop your way through the diverse terrain on these incredible trails. 


1. Trail 25:


Trail 25 is one of the most popular trails in Riverside State Park that welcomes horses. It features a magnificent blend of forest covers, wildflowers, and a breath-taking view of the Spokane River. 


2. Bowl and Pitcher Trail:


The Bowl and Pitcher Trail is beautifully designed for horseback riders craving an adventurous ride. The pronounced terrain variance and appealing natural features are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. 


3. Centennial Trail:


Centennial Trail is a 37.5-mile scenic gem that snakes its way from Idaho to Riverside State Park. It’s specifically designed for multiuse and horseback riding is very much encouraged. 


4. Little Spokane River Trail: 


This 5-mile trail is yet another equestrian-friendly trail. It comprises of beautiful sceneries including pine trees, wildflowers, and a tranquil river. 


5. Trail 100:


Trail 100, while challenging due to its length and varying terrain, provides horse riders with truly immersive natural experiences, winding through incredible landscapes of Riverside State Park. 


6. Trail 211:


Trail 211 takes riders through an amazing experience, featuring nature at its finest, providing opportunities for wildlife viewing and a day filled with adventure. 




Explore Riverside State Park in a unique way and create unforgettable memories. With a sprinkle of adventure, a dash of thrill, and an overdose of scenic beauty, these trails promise a whole lot more than just horseback riding. Happy riding!


Please note, always abide by the park rules, including those related to horseback riding, and respect the rights of other trail users. 




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