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Rockefeller State Park Preserve Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Trails at Rockefeller State Park Preserve: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome, horse lovers! Today, we give you the inside track (quite literally) on the horse-friendly trails at the famed Rockefeller State Park Preserve in New York; one of the best places to saddle up and venture into the breathtaking outdoors. This magnificent park sprawls across 1800 acres, and yes, some of the trails are open to horse riding. Let's gallop into the details!


1. **13 Bridges Loop Trail**


The 13 Bridges Loop trail is a favorite among equestrians. Named for its 13 charming wooden bridges, this spectacular 1.9-mile trail offers delightful views of the Pocantico River. 


2. **Pocantico River Trail**


The Pocantico River Trail stretches approximately 2.4 miles along the picturesque Pocantico River. This easy-moderate trail is a delight for riders, with rich foliage and a soothing river view.


3. **Brothers' Path/Swan Lake Trail**


Witness nature’s blissful serenity as you ride the 1.1-mile Brothers' Path/Swan Lake trail. The serene Swan Lake nestled nearby adds fantastic visual charm to your equestrian journey. 


4. **Rockefeller Family Trails**


Spanning around 2 miles, the Rockefeller Family Trails makes for a memorable equestrian experience. Ride through fields, forests, and the past, as a part of the trail includes old carriage roads.


5. **Eagle Hill Trail**


Experience the thrill of horse-riding on the Eagle Hill Trail, a slightly challenging 1.4-mile route. This trail boasts steeper inclines and provides a more adventurous ride.


6. **Overlook Trail**


As the name suggests, the Overlook Trail offers stunning views of the surrounding area. It's a short 0.7-mile trail—perfect for an easy, relaxed ride with your equine companion.


For your convenience, the park did an excellent job with the signs that clearly mark these selected trails as horse-friendly. Please remember always to follow the park's rules and guidelines for a safe and enjoyable ride.



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Note: Please verify the trail status from the reliable sources provided before your visit, as rules and regulations can change. Enjoy your ride!




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