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Roosevelt National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado 


As one of Colorado's most spectacular national forests, Roosevelt National Forest doesn't fall short on delivering breath-taking trails suitable for horseback riding. Here are some distinguished trail names verified from official sources:


1. **Cutbank Trail (#994)**


Cutbank Trail winds through diverse ecosystems and landscapes. Horses are welcomed but should be under control at all times. It offers a challenging ride, but the great views of Laramie River Valley are entirely worth it.


2. **West Branch Trail (#960)**


West Branch Trail is a leisurely horse-friendly trail. Passing through lush meadows and dense forests, this trail offers a serene and tranquil experience for riders and their horses. 


3. **Kilpecker Trail (#995)**


Kilpecker Trail, which allows horses, offers stunning views of the Rawah Wilderness. With a moderate difficulty level, this trail is perfect for horse riders looking for a bit of a challenge.


4. **Buchanan Pass Trail (#910)**


Home to one of the most beautiful landscapes in Roosevelt National Forest, the Buchanan Pass Trail is a long but rewarding trail that welcomes horses. Stunning views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness will undoubtedly captivate horse riders.


5. **Stormy Peaks Trail (#931)**


Packed with scenic overlooks, Stormy Peaks Trail offers those on horseback a spectacular ride. Provided you keep your horse under control, you are welcome to enjoy the beauty this trail has to offer.


6. **Roaring Creek Trail (#951)**


The Roaring Creek Trail is a moderate-to-stiff climb trail that promises horse riders lovely views of Comanche Peak Wilderness. This trail ensures an adventurous and intriguing ride.


Each of these trails in the Roosevelt National Forest offers varying degrees of difficulty, but all feature fantastic scenic views and memorable experiences. A word of caution: a horse-friendly trail doesn't mean you can let your horse roam free. Maintain control over your horses, respect other trail users, and always follow trail rules for a enjoyable horse riding experience.



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