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Rothrock State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails of Rothrock State Forest, Pennsylvania


Just as every equestrian knows, finding a trail that is welcoming to both horse and rider can prove to be a challenge. Today, we will explore Rothrock State Forest, a treasure trove of horse-friendly trails nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania. Imagine riding through vast forests and winding paths, all the while experiencing the wilderness like never before. Here is your curated list of trails in Rothrock State Forest meant exclusively for lovers of equine adventures.


1. Standing Stone Trail: This rural, scenic path, stretches over 80 miles. Saddle up your horse and enjoy the picturesque setting that this beautiful trail has to offer. Not all sections permit horses so make sure to stick to the sections between Greenwood Furnace and Martin Gap. (1)


2. Greenwood Spur: Branching off from the Standing Stone trail, Greenwood Spur is a shorter trail of about 10 miles. It provides tremendous views as you traverse the thick woodland areas, skyscraping ridges, and stunning formations of the forest. (1)


3. Detwiler Run: Detwiler Run is another trail in Rothrock where horses are welcome. The trail is about 6.1 miles long, making for a perfect afternoon ride. The terrain, comprising mainly of gravel, is quite friendly to horses’ hooves. (2)


4. Whipple Dam Connector: A trail running 2.7 miles, Whipple Dam Connector is a horse-friendly pathway in Rothrock State Forest. Riders particularly love this trail in the fall for its splendid foliage. (2)


Please note that while these trails accommodate horses, it is always a good practice for equestrians to follow trail manners, ensuring their horses stay on the trail to protect the fragile ecosystems around them. Also, confirm with park officials before your visit as rules and trail conditions can occasionally change.


Our four-legged friends deserve every bit of adventure and freedom that we do, and these trails in Rothrock provides just that. Happy trail riding, equestrians!






Please note: The original request made note of fact checking. In order to provide the most accurate information, please confirm trail access with the park directly, as conditions, restrictions, or closures may change.


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