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Routt National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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**Discover the Best Horse-Friendly Trails in Routt National Forest, Colorado**


In the spectacular Routt National Forest, horseback riding enthusiasts can find a wealth of equestrian-friendly trails. The breathtaking landscapes, towering trees, and glistening streams make every ride unforgettable. 


Routt National Forest spans through the Medicine Bow, Park, and Yampa ranger districts, each hosting a variety of trails welcoming horse riders. Venture into a riding adventure with this comprehensive list of horse-restricted trails in Routt National Forest, Colorado. 


1. **Continental Divide National Scenic Trail**

A significant section of this hospital trail lies in the Routt National Forest. As your horse traverses the rugged terrain, you'll be astounded by the captivating panoramic views of Northwestern Colorado. Source: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Forest Service(


2. **Wyoming Trail (#1101)**

Winding through the Park Range, the Wyoming Trail (#1101) is a favorite at Routt National Forest. The trail offers spectacular sightings of alpine tundra, glaciated valleys, and sparkling high country lake. Source: USDA - Forest Service(


3. **Mount Zirkel Wilderness Trails**

Located in the Park Range, Mount Zirkel Wilderness hosts a network of trails that allow horseback riding. The popular Gilpin Lake Trail, Gold Creek Lake Trail, and Three Island Lake Trail are a few to mention. Source: Wilderness Connect(


4. **Fish Creek Falls Trail**

This trail offers a fantastic ride along scenic waterfalls. The trail is moderately difficult – perfect for riders looking for a bit of challenge while they soak in the beauty for nature. Source: USDA - Forest Service(


5. **Buffalo Pass Trail**

Stretching 12.6 miles, the Buffalo Pass Trail promises a unique riding experience with picture-perfect views of Buffalo Pass, Marvel Lake, and Soda Park. Source: USDA - Forest Service(


Before starting your journey, ensure your horse is up to the challenge of some longer and more arduous trails. Always remember to follow the trail etiquette. Happy riding!




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