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Salt Point State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseriding Trails: A Guided Tour through Salt Point State Park, California


If you're a horse lover seeking a breathtaking adventure, Salt Point State Park in California provides a vast terrain for horse riding. With its stunning outcrops and enchanting cypress groves, the park ensures a memorable experience for equestrians. Here are some handpicked trails perfect for your galloping friends. 


1) **South Trail Loop**


   Starting from the park's camping area, the South Trail Loop makes an enjoyable ride with a manageable distance of approximately 4.5 miles. The trail sways along gentle slopes and offers glimpses of the park’s diverse vegetation and birdlife. Make sure to keep an eye on trail markers to follow the designated trails for horses. 


2) **North Trail Loop**


   The North Trail Loop is another favored choice among equestrians. It's a scenic 4.2-mile trail that follows the topography of the park. As you maneuver the course, you'll find an array of plants and shrubs on the wayside. Remember to stay on designated trails for horseback riding.


3) **Salt Point Trail**


   This is the real gem amongst all the trails. Salt Point Trail is a longer trail that covers around 6.2 miles and provides a comprehensive view of the park. You'll see some of the best views into the ocean, and you might even spot a grey whale if you’re lucky!


Those are just a few of the many viable options for you and your horse to explore at Salt Point State Park. Always remember to respect the trails. Let's keep California beautiful for everyone to enjoy!






Information gathered from the official California Department of Parks and Recreation:


Specific park details are found at the official page for Salt Point State Park:


As a note, please always confirm the permitted activities and their areas before planning your visit as the park's policies may change over time. 




Remember, this article lists only the trails in Salt Point State Park that explicitly allow horse riding. Always double-check information from the official website to ensure the trails are open and accessible to horses at the time of your planned visit.



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